Astrid’s career expands over 20 years, with roles in coaching and management diagnostics as well as women empowerment.

She is a macroeconomics and business administration graduate from the universities of Bonn and Cologne in Germany.
After years raising the next generation of the Meyer family, Astrid worked as Project and Team Leader for a non-profit organization, as specialist for coaching, women in particular, supporting them achieve their career purpose.

As a partner at MEYER & SÖHNE, she oversees the firm's business coaching and personality development operations. She shares her expertise as a certified systemic business coach and consultant and certified encouraging-trainer in Individual Psychology.
She supports organizations and their managers in personnel development with individual coaching and group training. She is the reference in the field of personality diagnostics in order to generate data-based personality insights to maximize corporate success.


  • Management diagnostics: personality, organizational culture and team
  • Executive Coaching and Training

Astrid loves people and discovering their culture. She speaks German, French, English as well as Italian. She enjoys peaceful walks in the forest. And despite being a child of the cold Baltic Sea, she loves the hustle and bustle, the joie de vivre and warmth of the Island of Elba in Italy, with her friends and family.